Monday, November 10, 2014

Cocozia Coconut Water Review

 A couple of my new favorite liquids:  Liquido yoga pants and Cocozia coconut water.  This is my tame pattern of Liquido pants.  They have some pretty outrageously fun print fabrics.  The fabric feels great and the pants wear great.
My go-to drink is now Cocozia Coconut Water.  Epicurex sent me a case to sample via Amazon and now I'm hooked.  I want more!! As the packaging reads, it's 100% organic.  So far it is my favorite coconut water.  Bonus, I'd rather get electrolytes from a natural source than from a sugary sports drink.   It's the perfect drink to re-hydrate throughout the day, but I especially like to drink it after yoga.
That was an epic slack line spanning the width of the park.  You can find other Cocozia flavors like chocolate, coffee, mango and pineapple.  I definitely want to try the chocolate and pineapple flavors.  You can go to the website to see if Cocozia is distributed near you or purchase online through Amazon.  The 16.9oz case ships free!

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