Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Martha Stewart Decoupage

Thank you Martha Stewart Decoupage for sponsoring this post. You can find these Martha Stewart Craft supplies at a Michaels near you!  

I received this awesome box of Martha Stewart Decoupage supplies for a project of my choice.  I was probably the most excited about the two colors of wood stain.  I knew exactly what I'd make:  a wooden growth chart.  I've had a wooden growth chart in mind for my son's room, but I wanted to try out the pink wood stain first.
Supplies:  Martha Stewart Wood Stain, Martha Stewart Decoupage & Brushes, Martha Stewart Decoupage Paper Cut-Outs, 6' 1x6 piece of wood, soft cloth.
Whoa, the pink was a little brighter than expected.  This shade would not go with my daughter's room decor.
No worries...this piece of wood has two sides, so I applied the dark wood stain on the back of the wood and over the pink.  Hmmmm, not bad...
After patiently punching out all of the decoupage cut-outs, I cut the larger doilies in half and spaced the smaller doilies every 1 foot.
I really, really, really love the decoupage product.  I used the matte finish and it applied like satin.  The brush is also really amazing- soft bristles and spreads the product nice and evenly.  Apply a coat of decoupage to the front and back of the cut-out and smooth over the surface making sure to remove any air bubbles in the cut-out.
 I was impressed with the speed and ease of applying the cut-out doilies.
The large half circle doilies were placed on the opposite side of the board every foot starting at 6" (so the center of the doilie marked 6", 1'5", 2'5", 3'5", 4'5", 5'5").
The foam applicator I used for the dark wood stain was dry brushed over the top of the doilies for a slight antiquing.
Next, I hand painted numbers 1-5; marking off the 1' increments and then sanding them down and applying more dark wood stain for an aged look.  The entire board received another coat of matte decoupage.  Start-to-finish, this project took me 2 hours to complete.
I LOVE this new growth chart.  It doesn't go with my daughter's bedroom or my son's bedroom...but it does go with my bedroom.
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