Friday, July 26, 2013


When I lived in big cities, I used to enjoy going to a big box book store and pursuing book titles and thumbing through magazines.  Sometimes I'd even leave with a book I knew I needed in my collection.  I'd kill time with no kid responsibilities- like getting dinner on the table or running around to the next activity.

While reading and thumbing through magazines was a relaxing escape back then, those are the things that went by the wayside with the daily to-do list.  When I got my iPad a couple of years ago, I began downloading books and started reading again.  At times, I prefer turning the pages of an actual book, but the convenience of grabbing the lit up iPad at bedtime and not needing to turn on a lamp has me downloading more books.

I can't remember the last magazine subscription I've owned.  I've come to rely on shared posts on FB for interesting articles from a variety of sources.  Now there's Next-Issue; a magazine subscription app offering more than 90 magazine titles for an unlimited viewing plan of only $9.99/mo.  The premium plan is just $14.99 for titles such as The New Yorker.  You can even try it out for a FREE 30 day trial period.

Here's what I like about Next-Issue:

You can download a full magazine for viewing when you are away from a wi-fi connection.  I downloaded several issues of Yoga Journal, Eating Well, Fitness & Architectural Digest.

I especially like having the cooking magazines at my finger scrolling tips.  I can easily go back and reference a recipe.  Here is a screen shot of the Architectural Digest Issues & how the pages load

Another favorite about Next Issue is that they offer plenty of back issues & automatic downloads for the newest issues.

Ready to try it for 30 days?  Start your FREE TRIAL!

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