Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Kids Styled at Great Prices

I was telling my 3rd grade daughter about my 3rd grade Valentine's Day experience.  My mom made me wear a home sewn lavender and gray floral print shirt to school that day.  I begged her to let me wear something else.  I groaned.  I didn't like the big tie in the front that was made into a puffy bow.  She didn't see the big deal and insisted I wear the shirt. I wasn't winning the battle, so I wore the shirt and kept my big purple puffy coat for the entire day.  My sister had a matching pink shirt and it seemed to me that her shirt at least looked better in pink. I was hot all day.  I pushed my coat sleeves up as far as I could, but I was boiling under that coat.  By early afternoon, I was sitting in the nurse's room with a rash all the way up and down my arms.  I was STILL wearing my coat sitting miserably on the nurse's table.  A couple of classmates delivered me a cupcake, but I missed the Valentine exchange.  Oh, vanity is a silly thing.  Is it any wonder I have a daughter who is soooooo particular about her clothing? While we were in Denver over the weekend we made sure to stop by for Old Navy's Kids and Baby Sale happening now through February 20th.  Both kids picked out an armful of clothes and we headed to the fitting rooms.  When my daughter removed her big clunky snow-boots  this is what I saw.  Clearly, she was in dire need of at least one pair of new socks...that she'll hopefully wear as a matching pair. When she spotted the gray puffy coat with fur trimmed hood and asked me if she could have a new coat, I hesitated.  Another coat?  She said it was $12.  Who can pass up a $12 coat?  I told her to try it on and it immediately fell into the "we're getting this" pile.  My son picked out a black sherpa hoodie and has not taken it off for two days.  The tag said $13, but when the woman was ringing us up she commented, "Actually that rang up at $3.47!"  Can't beat that deal!  Check out all of our deals...
We went to Old Navy.com when we got home and placed an order for more great deals.  My headphone-wearing, snowboarder, penguin loving son spotted a blue long sleeve shirt with a penguin wearing headphones and strapped into a snowboard with the word "shred".  It was MADE for him.  He ran upstairs and came back down with $6 towards the $8 shirt.  My favorite part of shopping Old Navy online is the link up with Athleta.  I forgot I left a shirt in my Athleta shopping bag and it added it to the Old Navy order and qualified for Free Shipping. Hmmmm....we ended up with a puffy coat.  Not shiny royal purple like mine, but close.  Good thing she really likes the pink lace heart shirt she'll wear beneath the coat on Valentine's Day this year!

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